Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Time

One of the best times of year to be at the beach in Tahoe is now!  The water is finally warming up and the beautiful people are nice and bronzed.  I'm going to tell you all a few tips on enjoying the beach, what you should bring, and tell you how to safely medicate without getting arrested.

Tip #1: Bring sunscreen and reapply every hour or two! The lake is around 7000 feet and at this high altitude it is very easy to get sunburned.

Tip #2:  If you are going to a beach such as Chimney beach you will have to hike half a mile down a dirt trail so bring shoes to hike down in.  Trust me your feet will thank you for not wearing flip flops on this hike!  You can put your flippy floppys on at the beach.

Tip #3: Bring a frisbee, football, or volleyball to the beach.  If you get bored easily like me you will want something to do while some of your friends are laying out in the sun for hours.

Tip #4 Beverages on beach:  You are definitely going to need to bring plenty of water to the beach.  If your planning on staying most of the day I would bring 1.5 L of water.  If you are wanting to party on the beach make sure you don't have any glass bottles!  Get canned beer or boxed wine, or fill up your favorite plastic water bottle with a beverage of choice! If you have glass or are drinking on the beach under age you will be ticketed!

Tip #5 Medicating on the beach:  Back in the day most Tahoe beaches were really laid back, and were 420 friendly.  Most people that go to the beaches today are also 420 friendly.  Unfortunately the police are not 420 friendly and if caught with medicine or a pipe/bong chances are you definitely will be ticketed or arrested.  If you need to medicate while on the beach don't bring a pipe or bong, use some papers or roll a blunt.  A blunt or jay can be easily tossed or buried in the sand if needed. Smoke off the beach in the trees or take a hike on the many boulders wrapping around the lake.  There are plenty of discreet places really close to the beach to medicate and be safe at.  If you follow my guide you will have a safe and fun time around the many beaches of this beautiful lake!

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